DELANEY handbags and leather goods are all handmade in America. They are crafted with the finest leathers, skins and materials. In order to retain the luxury leather or exotic skin appearances and the items ultimate longevity it is recommended that you pretreat the item immediately after purchase with the appropriate leather/suede protectant. It is also advised to use this item gently, avoiding contact with liquids, direct sun exposure, and extreme heat for extended periods of time. Regularly clean and condition your leather goods and always store them in protective duster bag.
When protecting and cleaning any leather good always test a small discrete area before using any protectant product, cleaner or conditioner and always use a neutral colored cloth or appropriate brush.

Always store your hat upside down with the crown facing down, either on a hat rack or in hat box to maintain the brims original shape. Avoid prolonged direct heat exposure such as leaving inside a car or near a heater as the extreme heat can damage the hats shape. 

If you have any questions with the care of your DELANEY purchase please feel free to email INFO@DELANEYATELIER.COM